We are Pim and Thijs, two guys from Amsterdam and together with our team of hard-working enthusiasts we want to make data and statistics understandable for everyone.

Why I Hate Statistics?

We figured we’d change the reputation of one of the world’s most hated subjects: statistics! All of our friends said the same thing about going to university. They had a great time, but absolutely hated statistics. That’s such a shame. Statistics is about interpreting quantitative data. Essential for the decisions that we all make. But we did understand: statistics can be abstract. So we decided to combine the two things we like doing most: teaching and changing the world for the better.

We started our social enterprise to help everyone understand data and statistics. Because we believe that everyone can learn statistics. Now have grown into a mature organisation, with a team dedicated to the mission of helping people understand data and statistics.

Hopefully, it will soon be the last time people say: I Hate Statistics!


We believe that asking a lot of questions, using visuals and clear explanations, and a fair bit of humor here and there will make statistics accessible to everyone.

We believe strongly in collaborating with teachers. Even though we host an online practice program, we know online exercises alone won’t be enough to help people deeply understand statistics. For that, you need human experts. Our goal is support teachers in universities and schools around the world.

We want to save teachers time, we want to help teachers share their wonderful explanations and examples. By combining our strengths, we can create beautiful resources that students can use to really understand Statistics.