Make Statistics Understandable

Find, adapt and create online lessons and exercises for Statistics and share them with your students.

Online Practice Platform

See how we help students and teachers with their blended learning courses.

Practice and Recap

Help your students practice with online exercises and recap the subjects through short lessons. We offer a curated collection of thousands of high-quality exercises and lessons on more than 110 subjects in statistics. We cover the foundations of statistics, ranging from measurement levels to ANOVAs. See all subjects here.

Active Learning

We use interactive questions to scaffold students' thinking. Every exercise has direct feedback. Feedback contains help for students so they can learn from their mistakes and work to master the subject.

Your own Personal Course

No more one-size-fits-all online courses. Now you can create a personal course that shows only the subjects that you address in your course. In this way your students see the same subjects and structure online as you have in your course offline.

Create and Adapt

Create new exercises and lessons quickly with our user-friendly editor. You can even adapt all the material we created. For instance, change the example we used in a lesson to an example from your specific field.

Formative Testing

Get to know how well your students master the subjects before they start the final exam. Using our unique knowledge tree you can see exactly which subjects they struggle with.

In English and Dutch

We support both English and Dutch. As a teacher you can choose the default language for your course, students can switch between languages anytime.


We are connected to the Single Sign-on (SSO) service SurfConext. This means that Dutch universities can connect to us via SurfConext so students can login with their university account.

Secure by design

In everything we design security is a major theme. We are fully GDPR compliant and already have Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) with many universities.